Want bags

I can barely choose a new computer, let alone a bag. But I certainly like this one a lot, from Canadian company Want. Oh, and they name their bags after airports, as if the bag itself wasn't cool enough!

Feather chandelier

This light is pretty darn special. Available from Moss.

The Frock

I'm not much of a vintage shopper. I'm not known for patience and while I love the designs from the 20's and 50's, I don't have the teeny tiny waist required for most frocks. But for window-shopping I love The Frock. I started leisurely looking, turned to browsing and finally systematically checking out each and every piece.


I'm in desperate need of some lighting for my bedroom and love the idea of a wall-mounted light rather than a table lamp, but most sconces are too dining room or antique for my liking. I really love these ones from Bestlite.

Cecilie Manz

Here's a neat product you could have some fun trying to replicate yourself on a crafty day: A veneer bag. Or if you're lazy, you can track one down from Cecilie Manz, a designer from Denmark.

Beckett actors

Any Beckett-related content will catch my eye and a guy on the subway yesterday was reading the London Review of Books and I saw a headline about the man himself. Turns out the article is fantastic. I'm always talking about the sense of layers you get when you're in Dublin and this article captures that, while giving us a sense of the distance Beckett and other Irish writers and actors felt from Ireland. You can read the column here.

Image of Jack MacGowran and Beckett via

Craving blues

Blue is one of the few colours I'll wear and this season, I'm spoiled for choice. Check out these great blues (all from Shopbop.


I'm dying to own a place so I can wallpaper it. Technically, I could probably get away with it in my rental, but I can't justify hanging wallpaper (labour or cost-wise) in a rental. I dream of a small house or apartment with every single item hand-picked for its pure beauty rather than space-filling properties. And the walls? Well the walls will be papered with the new Ranelagh paper from Farrow & Ball.

Whistle in the Dark

I found myself at Distillery District twice in the last few days and really enjoyed all that coffee from Balzac's. Last night, saw A Whistle in the Dark @ the Young Centre. It was really stellar theatre! I gave up on Toronto Theatre my first year (due to a disappointing Soulpepper production of Beckett's Happy Days) but my faith is renewed now thanks to Company Theatre

Hannah Louise Lamb

Hannah Louise Lamb is a Scottish jeweler who makes great silver silhouette pieces reminiscent of classic wallpaper designs. I love this brooch from Papastour. I seem to be all about flower silhouettes lately!

Dessous Sophie Simmons

I'm in love with Dessous Sophie Simmons lingerie and dying to some to see in person. It's difficult to order something so tactile online!


I love this rose bench from Hivemindesign.

Carlo Mollino

I've been carrying a picture of this table for years. It was designed by Carlo Mollino in 1946. I love its ways and think it would make an awesome desk. Available through Zanotta.


Imbenge are baskets woven using traditional Zulu methods, but with a modern material; recycled telephone wires. I love the flame style pattern and the amazing colours. While I love traditional crafts, I also enjoy seeing crafts evolve. Find them online at Indigo Arts.

Oscar de la Renta

I took some time out at Holts to browse rails I often pass by, mostly because they're so wholly out of my price range that a mere glimpse would amount to masochistic torture. I'd seen this Oscar de la Renta dress on the runway pics on style.com and on FashionTV. But, it's always different to see something up close, to touch the fabric and see it on a hanger instead of an impossibly pretty and thin model.

I could never wear a dress this long or this yellow, but seeing this gown, and other pieces, in person made me realize the limited view we get from two-dimensional media. It's one thing to see a picture of it, another thing to see it in person, and to try it on? - Well that's the ultimate. For more images of this collection, visit style.com.

New acquisitions

I was downtown all day, doing some interviews for upcoming stories and touring the stores to get an idea what's new in the world. Holts has brought in a load of new lines for Spring (like Vena Cava and Milly) and I bought a great pair of patent Hogan flats there. On the way to grab lunch, I hopped into Augustina and saw the Loeffler Randall purse that I was coveting all winter. They had one left and I walked out without it. Then I got home and turned around to go back. That purse and I are meant to be...