Perfect cupcakes

Nearly as much as macaroons and any dessert with lemon and dark chocolate in it (God's greatest flavour combination), I adore cupcakes. I finally found the perfect method: Silicups + the Magnolia Bakery recipe = The Perfect Cupcake.

Blue-sky shopping

One of those work days. Lots of annoying mishaps. And lots of things half-done. I'm so utterly distracted and up in the air that it's hard to get anything done. At times like this, I find the thought of shopping is far more comforting than the actual activity.

I like to make lists like "What My Kitchen Needs" and "Things Missing from my Wardrobe" and then blue-sky the items I would buy. Mauviel saucepans and Elektra Coffee machines. If I physically went shopping, I'd be forced to face the reality of my budget, but if I just stay here, nice and quiet, budgetary constraints seem a million miles away...

Santa Maria Novella

The Lafco website is a little difficult to navigate, but the Santa Maria Novella collection offers some of the most covetable packaging around. It has great provenance written all over it.


I always promise myself that as soon as I earn some real money and top up those RRSPs, I'll buy some real art. Of course, it doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on a large-scale painting by a big name.

Last weekend, I saw some great works. But, it's an inaccessible big-name that I can't stop thinking about: Upstairs at the Godard Gallery, was this fantastic Riopelle, just dripping with pigment.

Another coffee table

Not as mad and gorgeous as the ones from Chista, this coffee table also makes it to the wishlist. The key design one is Thomas Pheasant for Baker (i.e. unaffordable).


Despite desperate shoe and purse yearnings, I really covet house stuff more than anything else. I've been hating my coffee table for yonks and really want something polished but heavy, hardy enough for me to put my socked feet up on. My current one was picked up from the "As Is" section of IKEA when I first got off the boat 3 years ago. I did an okay job disguising it with some Farrow & Ball paint, but I'm still done with it. But furniture shopping gets distracting though when you start to find really really cool (albeit unaffordable) stuff like these beauties from Chista.


If I was a man on the hunt for a new messenger bag, my shortlist would include these two, from Mulberry & Belstaff.

Te Casan

BFF just got back from NYC (and brought me some tasty goodness macaroons from Payard). It's really time I nipped down for a long-weekend at the very least. The list of shops and brands I want to check out is ever-growing. Newly added is a te casan shoe store. Sadly no e-tail, so you really gotta go. Some of the more lustworthy shoes include these librarian sexy art deco numbers.


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