Sunday best: New moon

Sundays of long weekends are among my favourite kinds of days; a sort of open-concept island of calm.  You can waste them or make the very most of them. Or make the very most of them by wasting them.

The weather has granted us a lovely reprieve for Thanksgiving, so after some morning chores I'll just stroll and contemplate change with a new book. There's a new moon tomorrow. I'm hoping it's auspicious for our election results. And, of course, I'm happy for any reason to include this moon blouse (I have no such excuse for the bracelet!)

Products: Isabelle hat from Preston & Olivia | Moon Dots Blouse from Nice Things by Paloma S. | Frame Denim boyfriend jeans from Net-a-Porter | Dinosaurs On Other Planets Stories by Danielle McLaughlin | Diamond Braided Bracelet from Anita Ko | Buckle boots from A.P.C. | Beach stick from Charlotte Tilbury | Eric Purse from Mimi Berry
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