Sunday best: Raindancing

It's too hot. Too hot to write, too hot to think about clothes. I detest thunderstorms, but the clap of thunder would be welcome right now.

I haven't gone in much for big statement necklaces, but I think they're a pretty sweet way to elevate an outfit that's 100% about staying cool and I love this one from Lizzie Fortunato. And of course fragrance: I wear perfume always. I put on perfume before I go running even. And it does temporarily cool me down, seeing as my raindancing doesn't seem to be working...

Products: Splendid tee from Net-a-Porter | Turquoise Riad Necklace from Lizzie Fortunato | Satin Lip Pencil - Luxembourg from NARS | Coccobello from James Heeley | Boyfriend Jean from Madewell | Taupe Envelop Clutch from The Daily Edited | Kate Spade New York sneakers from Shopbop
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