Sunday best: Overalls

I guess overalls are one of the more divisive pieces of fashion — you're either into them or not. Me? I'm into them. Indeed, if it weren't for the sucky exchange rate, I might've impulse purchased these ones from Madewell this morning over breakfast.

I've been doing some minor DIY at home, spackling walls and touching up paint, rehanging pictures in new spots, putting some away for a time when they'll look fresh again. On Thursday, I bought a new plant - at long last, a fiddle-leaf fig is mine! So, I'm feeling pretty domestic and overalls go with that too, I guess.

And I feel like I should have more to say. I know you prefer when there are deep musings here. But it's really it's hot and summery and just happy. It's a long weekend and I have a new episode of Hannibal to watch tonight. And beyond overalls, I'm not wishing for much.

Products: Short smeared flake earrings from WWAKE | Bennett Overalls from Madewell | √Čtoile Isabel Marant's 'Kranger' T-shirt from Net-a-Porter | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder from Sephora | By Terry Mascara Terrybly from Net-a-Porter | Rose Noir by Byredo | Bamboo Leather Backpack from Gucci | Sawyer D'Orsay Sandal from Loeffler Randall
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