New work by Jamie Evrard

There are those who think buying flowers pointless - why buy something just to watch it die? - and there are those who embrace the fleetingness of florals. I'm a little bit of both. Sometimes I love watching the slow, unfurling demise of a flower, the fade of saturated hues to bleached pastels, the droop of a stem under the heavy weight of a flower in full bloom. Other times, I stand at the flower market and just can't stand to bring home something so short-lived and I take comfort in plants instead.

Jamie Evrard's work offers a beautiful best-of-both worlds. Her paintings capture flowers in that precious moment of perfection, where decay is a heartbeat away but beauty still abounds. Her flowers live eternally on the cusp, precariously balanced at their gorgeous fullness. I'm simply in love with her latest peony paintings!

All paintings by Jamie Evrard, available through Bau-Xi Gallery.
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