Native Line | Justine Ashbee

Maybe I was born too early to be whole hog on the trend for wallhangings and macramé of recent years. Or maybe it's just my usual resistance to anything that strikes me as too quickly ubiquitous among a certain set.

Still, I'm capable of making exceptions and I think Justine Ashbee's Native Line stands out as something marked with originality and spirit. In her choice of materials and pattern, Justine's work is more than a footnote to a '70s trend — her work takes a new direction and I find myself drawn to it beyond blogger trends.

"I believe that every object you live with should be beautiful to you and have meaning to you. I put a great deal of research and energy into my work and want to infuse it with as much depth, profundity and meaning as possible." - via

Studio images are all by Robbie Lawrence for Freunde von Freunden / Zeit.
All other images from Native Line. You can visit the online shop here.
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