I meant to get back to posting link round-ups last Friday, but I had a day off and did other things instead, like brunching and sofa-shopping. So here I am on Monday, with some belated links to share.

  • This Ask Polly could have been written to me:
"Solving mind-puzzles is fun. I like it. But it's not living. Living is something else.
When you show up and you take in where someone is and you care without simply grappling for some "right" answer, that forges a connection. When you have a connection that's real, the other person naturally wants to give back to you as a friend.
This will be hard to hear: You and I don't always forge connections that are real. Thanks to the tangled mess of our histories, thanks to the ways we've overcompensated, we don't always connect. We SEEM to connect, but 90 percent of the time we aren't really connecting."

"If you ask me, the one reason why futurism as a discipline is so white and male, is because white males have the ability to offer the most optimistic vision."
  • Jessica tweeted this piece and like her I read it and gasped at such calm candour. And I thought I could not have made it through that conversation in the real world.
"I know that I’ve made assumptions about you, about the kind of nonmom you are.
I’ve always imagined that you went to parties and stayed out late and slept with various handsome men (and maybe women too) and had beautiful clothes that were not machine washable and that your body functioned in ways that did not surprise, alarm or amaze you. I felt sure that you went to sleep late, woke up late, and read the newspaper at breakfast. Your apartment, as I pictured it, was quiet and peaceful but not very tidy. Your life was your own. Your read books voraciously but were sometimes lonely. You traveled and went to writer’s colonies and applied for fellowships and teaching jobs that might require you to move to other states or countries for a few months. Your mother worried that you weren’t married and you told her that her alarm was antiquated and sexist."
  • Nicole Franzen makes every place she goes to a place I want to go to.
  • And I feel like every blogger has been to Iceland at this point, but I still want to go. Gorgeous.
  • Rereading is always a favourite topic of discussion. I believe in it passionately. Indeed, I love repetition in most things and feel best equipped to judge deeply when something has left its indentations in me.
  • And lastly:"At the moment, I tend to avoid fiction about dysfunctional urban middle-class people written in the present tense." She's ultimate.
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