Creamy constellations

Sometimes, it starts with just one or two images dragged onto my desktop and it takes a while before I realize a certain vibe has crept into my consciousness. There's a modernity that's appealing to me right now. It's full of warm, handmade textures, but still polished. At the same time, there's the distance of stars and moon - space, usually so cool, so blue - but here made soft, talismanic. I love all of this combined, a sort of luxe futurism. Also, major hair-inspo from that Houghton collection!

Products: Pamela Love Cosmos Cuff | MQuan Constellation platter | Isabel Marant √Čtoile Lazuli Alpaca Vest | Mantiques Modern Fractal Resin Sphere by Pierre Giraudon | Niamh Barry Light Sculpture |  Noor Fares Diamond, Moonstone & Gold Armillae necklace | Sophie Bille Brahe Cassopeia Rings | Sophie Bille Brahe Croissant de Perle | Houghton (Summer 2014 lookbook) | Mourne Textiles Mohair Loop Throw | Susanne Kaufmann Witch Hazel Bath
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