10 things from Ireland

I was walking down the hill the other day and I had a feeling, then a thought: The feeling was belonging. And the thought that followed was, you didn't always belong here. If the first 10 years of living here were like having a whiteboard divided between Ireland and Canada, now those lists have collapsed into a tag-cloud, no longer presented as either/or propositions. I suppose I've not just become used to a dual identity but melded the two into a coherent whole. Nobody told me this was a stage I would reach, where I no longer felt calved.

This has meant I don't really get homesick any more and I no longer feel like I'm excluded or missing out. I mean, maybe this is really just an "awh shucks, the internet" moment that I can still stumble across things and not feel like I've missed out on it all. Or maybe it's that I'm not straining to hold on so tight anymore and I'm just more agnostic about my place in it all. Whatever it is, I'm really enjoying some of the beautiful design coming out of Ireland (North and Republic) these days in a way I couldn't have before, when I tried to make it all mean something symbolic of home to me. Now, I just straight up love these designs and designers.

1. The Tweed Project: How much do I want the Blanket coat? Seriously.

2. Camán & Co.: I first spotted these posters on Image's house tours (Wendy's home photographed by my friend Doreen!) and love them.

3. Gubbeen by Giana Ferguson: My friend Laura brought this cookbook from a recent jaunt around Ireland (read her story here). Beautiful book (and tasty cheese)!

4. &Daughter: This classic Aran is on my fall wishlist for sure.

5. Cushendale: Irish blankets are pretty much a must-have. I love Cushendales the most (maybe a little to do with this video)

6. Arran Street East: Gorgeous ceramics in colours inspired by the Dublin fruit and vegetable markets; cabbage, potato, parsnip, lemon, pomegranate and pink grapefruit.

7. Denise Nestor: I recently purchased two of her prints. Simply love them.

8. 31 Chapel Lane: Not made in Ireland, but this tote popped up in my Instagram and made me smile.

9. Mourne Textiles: More stunning textiles!

10. Superfolk: Gotta love those seaweed prints.

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