Dream House: Jessica Helgerson Design

I mentioned Jessica Helgerson Design in my kitchen blog post. But I want to revisit this specific home in her portfolio. This place is everything to me right now.

I've been thinking a lot about my place. I've always embraced a bottom-up style of decorating, where a home is decorated over time. Objects come and go, get moved around. Occasionally, a large piece of furniture is added or replaced. Sometimes, there's a rare find that's pounced upon. Hopefully, it all comes together. But, more than that, it's all organic and personal, not perfect or frozen in some "after shot" that was achieved after a swift, all-encompassing makeover.

Obviously, I find this bottom-up approach to decorating philosophically appealing. It feels more real and also more fluid. It's without the razzle-dazzle of decor TV before-and-after reveals. It's not all perfectly staged and vetted to come together by design. Rather it (hopefully) comes together because it's authentic to the individual and tells a story of a living, breathing aesthetic personality.

Still, sometimes I feel like I've embraced this approach by necessity as much as choice. The fact is this is how I have to decorate. I can maybe afford to buy one or two large investment pieces in a year - the idea of having the budget to do or redo a room, let alone apartment, in one fell swoop is simply not mine.

And sometimes I feel this poignantly — that my place always feels at about 80% and that the leftover 20% is a glaring thing, not that there's such a thing as "done". I see moodboards of ambitious renovations and I'm envious of that kind of top-down planning. I wonder what it would be like to step back and make decisions that are orchestrated to go together. And to have that moment when a room feels entirely new (I especially fantasize about this for my kitchen and bathroom - those renovations in particular don't lend themselves to bit-by-bit progress).

I feel both ways when I look at this home. Because it feels both top-down and bottom-up. I don't think everything in it was planned and purchased at once. But I do feel like it was conceived of as coming together and edited with a lot of discipline, though not lacking a sense of colouring outside the lines. I also love this place because it's totally my style and a look I would strive for.
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