A bench for my bedroom

My bedroom  floorplan right now is laid out like this (okay, the napping dog is a wishful embellishment):

I'd really like to add a bench / ottoman of some sort in front on the dresser (shown above in pink). These are some I've been looking at. I think my favourites are No.2 from Blu Dot and No.4 from Black Rooster, with the Black Rooster one edging to the front because it's somewhat a glammed-up Mies (No.8 but I can neither afford nor fit), without being a pure rip-off -- which would be unconscionable for me to consider.

Products: 1. Sculptural: Oly | 2. Plush: Blu Dot | 3. Boudoir: MGBW | 4. Upscale modern: Black Rooster  | 5. Sleek: Ethan Allen | 6. Comfy (but in another hue): Decorium | 7. Standard: Jonathan Adler | 8. Classic: Knoll

P.S. If you're looking to build a floorplan like mine above, google "Icovia Floorplanner". I'm sure there are many other (possibly better) tools out there, but I've been using this for years. Many furniture shops etc. offer this tool on their site (they usually require registration, but that's what your old yahoo email is for, amirite?! I built mine on Decorium's site).
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