Sunday best: Mostly me

I own so many of the items in today's Sunday best you could call it unimaginative. The only things I'm missing are sandals and the amazing Scosha necklace.

I'm travelling in the mountains right now, so the scarf might actually be feasible for evenings. My ideal weather always includes sunnies and a scarf. Just the perfect nip in the air, but still bright and clear light.

Horses Atelier continues to be one of my favourite designers and I'm so especially happy that they're local. I was sad that their studio sale fell last week as I've been living in austerity to prepare for this trip. I own this dress from way back in a size that's now too big for me. But I keep wearing it anyway and even love it more for the fact that it's even more cocoony now.

Block Shop Textiles is probably familiar to you, but I really fell in love with them over Instagram and knew it was a matter of time before I splurged. I adored the print of this one, but was slightly tentative that the scarf would that "crunchy" cotton (I have an Epice one I love that's like that). But the 25% silk does the trick and it is just gorgeous to feel next to the skin.

Hm. I sort of really want those sandals now.

Products: Diamondback Aqua from Block Shop Textiles | Sack dress from Horses Atelier | 36 from Linda Farrow | The Lip Slip from Sara Happ | Caravan necklace from Scosha | Rose Noir from Byredo | Rider purse from Loeffler Randall | Antigone sandals from Ancient Greek
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