Sunday best: Gentle enough

I’ve pretty much stopped wearing makeup altogether the last few months. I’m not sure why but suddenly I felt better without any. I shouldn’t say none - a bit of undereye concealer and cream blush (I like this one by Becca). I curl my eyelashes, but I don’t even like the look of mascara right now. On Friday, though, I stopped into Sephora and on a whim bought this powder from Hourglass and I love it. It just does something delicious and caramelly and blurry to my skin, in a way that I think only I would notice.

I guess I’m going through a sort of rose/gold/biscuity phase because I recently bought the A.P.C. purse shown here too. I was recently mostly immobile for a few days and went on a Netflix binge and online shopping spree. It probably didn’t hurt that it was called a rose half-moon purse. I mean, it’s like they thought, what words should we use to make Jane want to buy it.

If I had the money, I’d pretty much buy everything here. You’d think I must always feel that way about Sunday bests, but some are more hypothetical; there’s more fantasy versioning of self than reality in them. But this is head-to-toe something I’d wear. I’d feel like it was special, but everybody would just see me in another black dress, which is kindof my thing already.

I’ve been running a lot, trying to strengthen after my injury, and am finding it makes me feel a bit detached from everything, like I’m moving through it but not of it. I feel unhinged, but in a way that’s probably something like solitary happiness. I’m not sure if I’m worried that I don’t really feel connected to others right now. Maybe I’m just healing and need to stay soothed and it’s just my thing to only trust myself to be gentle enough.

Products: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and Brush from Sephora | Dagmar Magdalena dress from Net-a-Porter | Linda Farrow aviators from Matches | The Gomelsky watch from Shinola | A.P.C. Rose Half-Moon Bag from Nuji | Petersham Cut-Out Lace-Up from Russell & Bromley
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