Sunday best: Early June

I love these days we've been having, both warm and cold. And when I leave the house in the morning, there are goosebumps on my arms, but by the end of a walk I can feel the drowsy sting of sunburn on my neck. When summer hits in full force, I'll chase the shade and the deep cool of ravines. But the last few days have me crossing into the sun and pulling patio chairs out from under umbrellas.

My neighbourhood is transforming before my eyes. Stores are moving in across the road and the long-vacant office tower has been converted into condos. I look at it all and feel part of it though I am the same. And my place is the same. But sometimes I guess change is active and other times it happens around you and you and your life are changed because of it.

Occasionally, I feel antsy and restless watching other people's lives change. I wonder if I should be moving and shaking in ways that would make better stories for the telling. I wonder if I'm building towards things I want or just coasting. And from the inside I can't tell the difference between slow and steady and stuck.

But on perfect early June days, it's enough to have coffee outside and to lay my head back and feel the sun on my face.

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