Of late, I've felt pretty immune to decor spreads. I mean, I can admire them, but it's rare that one spurs me into action or inspires in more than the most abstract way. Rather, I've been hunkering down in my own space and letting it whisper to me, guiding my next move. This feels like a less harried way of finding inspiration and of evolving decor.

All this temperance was suspended dramatically when I saw the pictures Doreen shared of her home on the weekend. I suspect Doreen's home is precisely the vintage and design of Dublin home that I love the best. And what inspires me in these images isn't so much this paint colour or that sofa style (though, wow) as the sense of home and family and the life lived in this space that comes through these images.

When I was little Mum and Dad took to me to visit Eric Barrington's house. He was an elderly gentleman we knew and his house was so full of treasures he'd conduct little tours of it. Every item had a story and Eric was just the sort of grandfatherly man to tell those stories to children in ways that made each thing an adventure come to life. I guess I always think homes should have objects like this. Beautiful, yes. But with a reason for being there that goes beyond their beauty.

And this too is the sense I get from Doreen's pictures. That if I stepped into this room and picked something up, a story would be told. And it makes me realize that the things I love in my own home have their own stories too.

On the way home tonight, I picked out some new plants. I definitely have to credit Doreen with that too. Beautiful light hitting greenery never fails to lift the spirits!

All images by Doreen Kilfeather and used here with her permission.
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