Sunday best: My uniform in thirty pieces

Many years ago, I did a post about my “uniform”. I think it’s probably one of the posts that’s been pinned the most from my blog. And although the notion of a uniform is still near and dear to my heart, I think that old post is due an update.

While some of the pieces here are exactly what I own, others are more generally meant to represent ideas — shapes, silhouettes and palette. I don’t, for instance, own these Hermes scarves, but I do almost always wear a scarf... my one stab at colour and pattern. And although I don't own any Cathy Waterman jewelry, my favourite ring and necklaces are similar in aesthetic. It's important to me that all jewelry be very personal and somewhat talismanic.

But this isn't simply an exercise in cataloguing what I already own and wear. Some pieces include here are straight up missing (like a cocoon-y winter coat I love) and will help me focus on what I need to shop for in the next twelve months. Others, like Everlane Ryan tees and the Aritzia cardigan (despite it being totally ubiquitous in Toronto) are things I own in multiples and buy season-in, season-out. My dresses are always sweater or tunic-style. If you ever run into me, odds are I'll be wearing one of these over leggings.

Regarding palette, I do wear mostly black and grey. I also love the pinkish, biscuity neutrals that accent this collection, especially now I'm blonde again. Of course, I'm not this strict always... I too buy ad hoc items that don’t really fit with this script. However, when I think about what's in my closet, those straying purchases are least likely to be worn. And when I line everything up like this, I really wonder why I ever bother deviating!

Tell me, do you wear a "uniform"? Any must-have pieces?

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