You know that moment when you take a deep breath before launching into your story and then you decide it's too much to say and you're not quite ready and perhaps you don't have the words? So you just shrug or shake your head or say something pat or altogether different. That's been me all week.

Maybe next week, or next month, or next year, I'll be able to write the post I can't today. But I don't have it in me yet. And, in the meantime, it feels like I've nothing much to give to anybody here or in the real world.

So, just some Friday links so:
- My blonde and blurry selfie
- We should love material things more, not less
"...remedying our troubled relationship with material possessions is no easy matter. One knee-jerk response is to cultivate a sort of blanket disdain for consumer goods. I catch a whiff of this in my own inverse snobbery about my battered, second-hand bike, or my disdain for designer clothes – a hangover from childhood Christianity, which historically painted the material world as corrupt and in opposition to the soul."
- The Wild Ones
- "Amn’t I with you? Amn’t I your girl?"
- Hermes delights and some beautiful shelving
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