Sunday best: Can we pretend it's spring already?

Yesterday felt like Spring. I strolled around my neighbourhood, bought a few things, stopped in a new coffee shop (Edison bulbs and bearded baristas - check, check) and found myself browsing sample pots in Farrow & Ball, which is a clear and obvious sign of a new season -- the light changes and I want to redecorate.

Oh, I know it's not over yet. After all, just two days ago I was pushing my way home through a blizzard and we all know winter doesn't end just like that, on a sunny Saturday morning. But if any winter should, it's this one. So, I'm ignoring the fact that I'm probably back to wearing down and rubber today and pretending it's weather for perfect things.

Speaking of perfect things, I recently resurrected my Tumblr. This is what a few restless nights does to a girl. There are horses, perfect-to-me rooms and baggy woollen things aplenty.

I'm in a good mood as I type this... seeing my way past winter's funk. I'm thinking about using some vacation days, of returning to walking to work, after a few weeks when the weather every day made it hit or miss, mostly miss. But the days of looking yearningly at my shoe closet are numbered. Soon, very soon, I'll break those babies out.

Happy Sunday!

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