I'm sure if I looked back on my blog, February is always a low month. I'm maxed out on winter, lacking the will to push out into cold days, but sick of staying in too. Still, I think there's value in these cycles, and months of low energy and introspection have their place too. There's something about February that feels very boiled-down. It's a month when I feel less enchanted by frippery. It's a month with space to think and say things I might not think and say if there were light and easy distractions at hand.

It's been a recurring theme here that I wanted to embrace my own mutability. I've mostly expressed that as a very internal thing. But part of it is also understanding the ways I'm connected to a world that's mutable too. February's melancholy is part of that external mutability and I think it's important to acknowledge it (and also not to mistake it for something it's not, something I alone am feeling). I know it will lift, certain as I know the days will get longer and that soon I'll sense movement in the ground again. So right now I'm trying to listen to what February has to say to me.

Some links: A Read.Look.Think. from Jessica. Especially romance.

I wrote a post around Christmas about longevity and love. About how lasting shouldn't be a measure of depth always. I still believe all that. And yet... endless love. And I guess even after love is ostensibly over, I don't really stop loving. Because there's a difference between the events of friendships and relationships ending and those feelings being put away for good.

This weekend's major priorities amount to $10 roses and the first pages of a new book.

Happy weekend friends. And thank you for all your recent comments and support, especially on my last post.
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