Sunday best: Slow states

The snow has mostly melted, a premonition of a spring that is still too far away. Yesterday, I stayed inside and listened to its dripping, with my windows open. 3 celsius can feel warm indeed after a week of twenty to thirty below.

I've doing a mini-reno on my bathroom, resetting some tiles, grouting and caulking. I seem always to take on a project of some sort in January when staying home makes me antsy and any peeling corner is too much temptation.

When I was little I used to always help Dad doing home renovations and when I do such work now, I conjure him here with me, showing me the better technique just as I figure it out on my own, or pointing out the spot missed that I just noticed. I suppose I need and don't need him still and that's the way of parents when you reach my age.

I sort of love the way projects like this set their own pace. There's drying and setting time and it can't be rushed or the results will tell. And that slows things down to a meditative pace. In the in-betweens, I've been making little moodboards of other updates I'd like to make to my apartment. Last year, I did a lot of travel, but I'm feeling much more nesting this year.

And today will be in keeping with that. I'm just going to nip to the hardware store before coming back and measuring more small progress. I wish I could convey the satisfaction I get from change that's compounded in such small measures, the simple joy of affordable change, the easy flitting between deep, tongue-between-teeth, concentration and unconscious repetition.

Happy Sunday.

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