Sunday best: Revisiting the Arans

When I was in my early teens, we went through a phase in Ireland where we all ran around dressed up like jolly Wicklow farmers. We vied for wax jackets and aran jumpers, argyle socks and penny loafers. We topped it off with velvet scrunchies and White Musk from the Body Shop.

In University, I spent most of my time running around in long plaid or floral dresses, with lace-up boots and an oversized aran cardigan. I cut my hair short (and it's stayed short ever since) and wore Eau d'Issey layered over Crabtree and Evelyn vanilla body lotion.

Yesterday, I came across & Daughter in the latest Vogue (UK) and thought it's time to add a new chapter to my Aran story. I've never gone off Arans really... in fact I tend to like them more when they're slightly out of style and the saltiness of sea comes back over them.

The way I miss home has changed so much. I've come to realize that I enjoy conjuring the place and sometimes mistake that for a kind of homesickness. But it's really that I just like turning over the stones in my mind, seeing the blue of The Burren or the haze of heather on Howth. I enjoy how these ideas bloom in my chest, filling me up. And that I can make that happen here, sipping tea and watching a wraith of snow outside my window.

Products: Current/Elliott jeans from Net-a-Porter | The Patchwork Aran from & Daughter | The Runwell from Shinola | Sel Marin from James Heeley | Late 1800s Victorian Pearl and Diamond Crescent Ring from Erie Basin | Gomez shoes from Ina Grau
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