Sunday best: Open concept day

I know I'm wrong, that I'll be sorely disappointed by the next big snow fall. But my very being thinks we're through the worst of winter. Just a week ago, it seemed a perpetual thing of boots and coats. But now I'm imagining what it's like to wear shoes again, to step outside without bracing.

I've had such a lovely weekend, I won't ruin it now with realistic thinking about the weather. Because I love this look altogether too much for that. And instead of cluttering this post up with my usual musings and ideas, I'm just going to leave this open concept space for whatever today turns out to be.

Products: Eyeliner Stylo from NARS | Leather travel case from Byredo | The Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck from Everlane | Cathy Waterman ring from Twist | √Čtoile Isabel Marant Ebba Blanket Coat from Otte | Helmut Lang jeans from Net-a-Porter | Bloch flats from Gravity Pope | The Balmoral satchel in Chestnut from Belgrave Crescent
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