Martha Sturdy

Back when Hollace Cluny was right in my neighbourhood (I miss it so!), it was easy to pop in and wind up impulse purchasing a little something. When I think of all the wonderful things I bought there; my favourite cushions (Adam + Viktoria, Judy Ross), my beloved Jielde lamp. But most of all my two Martha Sturdy pieces. One is on my dressing table, so I really see it every day, a big resin moon-like piece. And the other controls my nail polish collection.

The thing I love about Martha Sturdy's pieces is how they're very special but also not -- nothing precious or twee. There's a coolness to resin (literally and figuartively) that makes these pieces fade and sing at once, somehow. And they're simple, neutral enough to adapt to my sometimes roaming style. Martha Sturdy is based in Vancouver and as well as making her collection of furniture and home accessories, she is a talented sculptor.

All images via Martha Sturdy website and Facebook page.
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