The weeks feel very long right now, don't they? Even though the weather was so much milder this week, the paths more clear and walkable, I feel the weight of winter bearing down on me. I booked today off early in the week knowing somehow that I wouldn't summon the strength for five days and I'm so glad I did.

My mind is craving greenery like some kind of tonic. I'm sitting here sipping a green juice from a new local juice shop (it's making me immediately happier, I can feel it behind my eyes). And I just bought three new plants; a calamondin orange, sago palm and ruffles anthurium. Between these and my coaxed (I hate saying forced!) daffs, my spirits are lifted.

Jessica wrote this beautiful post about motherhood and we all fell a little more in love with her. Did you feel the moon this week? I wondered if it was why I seemed so overwhelmed, even dizzy at times. As always, The Sphinx and the Milky Way had a wonderful moon post. One line will stay with me for a long time... I wrote it down in my journal and I suppose combined with Jessica's post I thought differently about everything. It was simply: "Be your own Mother" - it's still sinking in what that might mean for me.

I've been a terrible reader lately, watching one after another of you finish the Goldfinch while my page-turning has slowed and slowed. But there are some releases on this list that promise to hold my attention. New Barry and Tóibín this year are in particular exciting for me.

I think I mentioned before how I find paintings of interiors often more inspiring than photographs; the level of abstraction and the lack of product specificity makes these images about atmosphere more than product lists and precise measurements. These ones are especially good.

Finally, the very talented Mark wrote a piece about Twitter regret and this piece about "Doing What You Love" was much shared. I'm not in full agreement, but I do think there's an unspoken privilege to DWYL sometimes, though not always. Food for thought, perhaps.

Happy weekend, friends!
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