Happy Friday! I hope 2014 is off to a good start for you. It's especially frigid here in Toronto (knocking me off my mountain woman pedestal!) but extreme cold is conducive to other pleasures and my apartment is feeling like a cozy refuge these last few days.

Aside from my one sweeping resolution, I've resolved to taking better care of myself. Last year was so hard on me physically. I wrecked my body with overwork and exhaustion, a lazy diet and letting exercise slip away. On New Year's Day, I was the clich├ęd shopper at Whole Foods, buying green juice and kale, grapefruits and stocking up on Vitamin D. I already feel a little better, if only for the pleasure of taking hold of something again.

Of the seen and said things this week, I loved rereading this piece by Liam Heneghan, The ecology of Pooh (of course he had me at Pooh, but there's much more here too). Also on Aeon, I loved this video about Voyager's Golden Record as a Valentine.

Ben's little books and illustrations (gosh, he's such a talent) reminded me of the importance of recording these days. I do have a soft spot for Instagram and, of course, this blog is a record of what I'm reading and thinking. But both these things are missing the tangible artifact and looking at Ben's pictures made me pang a little to create something tactile.

Although I've been back at work this week, it feels like today is really the last day of the holidays. A slow exhale then.

Have a lovely weekend.
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