Sunday best: Close to home

Tomorrow is the first day in our new office location. I get very mixed feelings about changes that are not of my own volition. Even when good, as this change is, I question why I'm not initiating more. Why the last 10 years have swept me up in their current. It's like I've forgotten how to sail, or swim, or however I used to navigate for myself. But it's such a lovely time of year, it's easy to put the nagging angstiness to the side and enjoy these days.

Yesterday, I went to Darlene Cole's exhibition at Bau-Xi. Her paintings are wonderful and full of unfettered whimsy. There's a deep and resonating affinity underpinning the prettiness though. Even as I spoke to her, I both understood what she was saying but couldn't quite fathom her way of looking and yet I felt very connected to it.

Afterwards, I took a spin around the AGO, stopping in on some favourites. It's such a peaceful, manageable space after the hectic exhilaration of the MET last weekend. I found myself promising to stop in there more often. And then I resumed my normal circuit, tripping my way to the flower markets where I talked roses with Jasmine, trying to convince her to order bigger more bountiful varieties.

Even though there's no snow on the ground, it's truly cold now. And I'll probably stay cozy close to home today, writing those Christmas cards that should probably have been sent by now and cooking oatmeal, reading Leanne Shapton's Sunday Night Movies, which I picked up yesterday.

And I'll try to think about what it is I want, because I think that's what's missing in all this changes. As if when life is just fine and lovely, it's easy to keep going, to even feel guilty writing that the peaceful routine bores me. That there's also nagging that there ought to be more deep bellyful joy and more purpose.

Happy Sunday, you guys!

Products: Sunday Night Movies by Leanne Shapton | Fair Isle dress from Toast | Touche Eclat from YSL | Lip Slip by Sara Happ | Rodin Crema | Hexagon Brown Diamond Ring from Satomi Kawakita | Peggy Purse from Mimi Berry | Bean Boots from L.L.Bean


  1. I am so in love with Darlene Cole's work--I keep looking at Honey on my Mind. The Bau-Xi gallery looks wonderful and makes me want to visit Toronto. I wonder if there's an NYC (or Boston) equivalent.

    I got the Bean boots is brown felt. Thanks for the Shapton recommendation. Native Trees of Canada is inspired and inspiring.

    Have a cozy Sunday!

    1. Honey on my Mind blew me away. It's huge in person - the bear so endearing and lumbering beside the roses. Just gorgeous. Visit Toronto!!

      But, there's so much art to see in NY - I'm sure you can find so many artists and galleries there too!

      Bean boots are the ones I always come back to. There seems to be a thing here to love Sorels but I always feel they're huge. Plus, my first ever trip to North America included a summer in Maine, so I have a nostalgic connection with L.L.Bean!!

      Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. That dress from Toast is highly cute!

    1. Good! Because I went and bought it right after I published this post!


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