Sunday best: 50 words for snow

Like so many of you, we had our first big snowfall this weekend. I stayed indoors all day yesterday, reading and napping, watching movies and cultivating a cabin fever that send me bursting out into the world this morning, walking until my cheeks were red as a baby's.

I've been admiring these lovely cloaks from Lindsey Thornburg - they seem like a fairytale to me. I've never really figured out how to do winter stylishly and I'd love to get it right. But really, I'm okay too just bundling up in pragmatic obliviousness, surrendering to elements greater than me.

Every winter I find myself listening to Fifty Words For Snow over and over, looking skywards from my window, mesmerized by the slow-mo fall of snow. It makes sense of the season, of the twinkle of lights and the glow of fire, of the spices and citrus and all we take so for granted. It makes me want to hold a perfect clementine, to make fingerprints in wax, to fold paper and tie string.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Products: Rose Noir by Byredo | Trench cloak from Lindsey Thornburg | MiH Paris jeans from Net-a-Porter | Semi Matte Lipstick from NARS | Fifty Words For Snow | Isabel Marant boots from Gravity Pope


  1. Wasn't the snow amazing! I was out in it, City of Craft beckoned. This roundup is amazing- I didn't know I wanted these things before I saw this, Now I want them all.

    1. It was so beautiful. I'm glad you braved it for City of Craft. I skipped this year (I spent so much $$$ last year!) It's always wonderful - Michelle and company do such an amazing job.

  2. Were just wet/wet both in Vancouver and Oxfordshire. Wish we got some snow, but then I suppose I'd be complaining about I like Kate Bush and so will look into that album. That cloak is really lovely; think I'll send the link to Chloe, she loves things like that. :)


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