These lush greens and warm interiors really appeal to me right now. With rain rapping my window, these nights take me home. I don't think we've ever had so much rain in Toronto as this year and it has me disoriented; homesick for four distinct seasons as if they were something experienced in another place.

Over the weekend, I cleaned my whole apartment, purging it of magazine stacks and unloved books. I waxed my desk, leaving it clear for days to soap up its polish and return to a deep, honeyed sheen. I made breakfast for dinner and planted paperwhites. It was all easy and warm and gently worn.

Image credits: Silk velvet dress from Toast | Artwork (detail) by Jamie Evrard at Bau-Xi | Interior photograph by James Fennell | Artwork (detail) by Jamie Evrard at Bau-Xi | Armchair by Howe London | Photograph by Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua
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