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I'm a pretty big nester at any time of year, but it really kicks up a notch in the fall. I want everything to be tactile and glowing and warm. I think that desire is amplified this year by how much time I've been spending in the office... when I get home I'm just a big comfort monster!

Still, I haven't done anything new with my apartment in a while. I did get new drapes for my bedroom (these ones, in fog of course) and had a lampshade made for a lamp Dad turned for me. Other than that, it's been pretty unchanged around here.

Years ago, around when I started blogging, I was obsessed with Saarinen tulip tables. I went off the somewhere along the way - I blame all the ripoffs and countless Domino spreads. But, now I see I was on the right track… it's a classic piece and completely neutral despite its modernity. I think it will be my next big investment. I also love these chairs from Stylegarage.

I think I've promised to buy a leather chair the last three times I've done an apartment update post so I completely understand if you're rolling your eyes at me over that one. I will do it one of these days! I add a few pieces from Heath Ceramics every year, mostly blues and taupes from the Coupe line. I don't like dinnerware to be completely matchy, so I'd love to bring in some of the Alabama Chanin pinks for some variety.

A smaller treat is a new Baies candle... it's my all-time favourite scented candle. Finally, I need a new rug for my bedroom too. I have the Henley in my living room, so this is a pretty boring choice. I guess it shows you just how dull I am that I got excited it's not available in grey.

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