Basics I love

I can get pretty evangelical about beautiful basics. I fuss over the details of tees — perfect necklines and sleeves, the right drape. And simple sweaters, perfect for layering. Not too constricting at the neck. Neither too heavy or light, too slouchy or too fitted

There are brands I love simply for their ability to deliver great basics. Club Monaco does great tees. James Perse too, when I'm feeling saucier. I love the leggings from Solow. When you're a uniform-wearing layerer, like I am, it's easy to become obsessed over these things, to hunt for days on end, all for a perfect tank top. My new favourite is Everlane. I ordered a Ryan tee and then went back and ordered two more. And I treated myself yesterday to one of their new Seed Sweaters.

Aside: I know it's becoming a rare thing on blogs these days, but love for products is possible without there being a covert transaction in the background. I never accept freebies, discounts or payment for posts. I hope you know that about me, but because Everlane has collaborated with a number of bloggers, I feel the need to clarify that this is not an advertorial. Call me a cynical old hack, but I never trust somebody when they sell or barter their endorsement. Me, I know that I really like something by my willingness to pay for it.
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