Sunday best: High summer

The humidity dropped yesterday — enough for me to contemplate a long stroll and some non-salad groceries. I felt happy and at ease. Today, I expect I'll dip down into the ravine and stroll the trails. I haven't got down there as much this year and I miss it.

Putting this outfit together also made me think it's also time I got some new trainers. I hurt my foot recently and footwear has become difficult of late. Maybe I've just got to wear sensible shoes for a while and do the ole switcheroo once I get into the office. Upside: I can listen to Carly Simon and pretend I'm a real working girl.

As I wind down some freelance work, I'm also excited to find space in my days for other routines. I always feel better when there's time for yoga in my days. Classes are always tough for me -- the hit and miss atmosphere can make me lose interest for months on end. I'm going to give Yogaglo a go. I have a Seane Corne DVD I also love, but I like the idea of having more classes to choose from.

Mostly, right now, I'm enjoying contemplating those small changes. That straining desire to be wholly other has deserted me. I'm sure it's temporary, unfamiliar as it is, but I feel a lot of self-acceptance right now. I'm seeing a lot of beauty in my days. And that has taken the pressure off my own ideas of the future, in a strange and unexpected way. I'm straining less for something radically different and simply feeling content at the thought of whatever.

Happy Sunday!

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