It seems like a long time ago now, but on Monday I did something nice, buying tickets for Godot on Broadway, with Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. It's like an explosion of things I love for very different reasons (LOTR, TNG and Beckett? Madness!) so I'm very giddy about it. My trips to NY always revolve around theatre since we're starved up here in Toronto, but I've never gone to a Broadway play, so this is pretty exciting... though a long way off yet.

I also joined Eat Your Books. It indexes the contents of all those magazines and books so you can browse the recipe list of your entire cooking library and see what ingredients go into each one. Ultimately, you have to consult your books for the precise recipe and instructions, so it's not like it makes the cookbooks redundant.

I hope this gets me trying more things and makes it easier to shop for ingredients (it's $25 a year to add unlimited books to your library. You can also add certain blogs). So far, I love that it abstracts the recipes from the styling, so it's making me pay attention to recipes based on ingredients rather than pretty pictures. It's also been pulling my attention back to some of the older forgotten cookbooks on my shelf.

I'm sure you all caught the Booker longlist out this week. I'm, of course, happy that there are three Irish writers on there. But, I'm particularly delighted for Donal Ryan. I read his book many months ago -- it's a great character piece, taking on the crash in Ireland. The Irish Times is also launching a series of stories about the crash. For some levity, Tommy Tiernan's take on it.

That's it for this week! Have a good one!
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