This was an eventful week. I made some hard decisions I've been juggling for a long time. And then, as if I had planted that seed in the universe, lots of loose threads got tied up. I can't say they're all the outcomes I'd been hoping for, but resolutions are always welcome... I'm not good at being patient in the in-between.

It's funny too. These things happened and suddenly I found my words again. Words built into ideas and ideas into stories. So though I lost some things, my restlessness lifted and I felt more like myself again.

Many thoughts are churning and I hope I parse some of them out this weekend to share with you. In the meantime, some links:

- Women in Clothes sounds like a fascinating project (and you know I love Leanne Shapton). I'll find time this weekend to complete the survey
- A video worth watching: Kevin Barry reads from The Ox Mountains Death Song
- Simply beautiful dresses (I especially love the midis)
- Some days I feel very old, but more often I wonder when I'm going to grow up and stop being such a fuck-up. I loved this piece
- Audio: What was it like to collaborate with, publish, and know Beckett?

Have a lovely weekend, friends!
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