Experiences over things

This post may, at first glance, seem at complete odds with Monday's. But when I was in Ireland I had two days when I just splurged on experiences. I ate at the most amazing restaurants and I treated myself to a night in a five star hotel.

And no, I can't afford those choices on a regular basis (and I prefer really not to normalize such treats). But I do want to commit to using my money to create experiences rather than buying stuff. When I emigrated, I got sucked into such a "build a life" mindset that all my energy (my obsessiveness) was channeled into my home, the things I needed to buy to feel at home here.

But when I was young, I was all about experiences. I saw places I have no pictures of, no souvenirs from. Staying at the Merrion reminded me of those days, because it was silly and carefree and yet a sublime sort of experience. It made me think that it's sometimes worth prioritizing those experiences against better judgement.

I spotted this place on Unique Home Stays. Isn't it a dream? I can't afford to go there, of course. But there are similar, smaller versions of this that are accessible. It's funny to reflect on the things you easily grant yourself ($80 scented candles!) and the other things you withhold. When I bought myself a ring last year, it felt oddly foolish and yet I've worn it every day since, while less foolish-feeling purchases languish  in closets.

And silly as checking into the Merrion felt, I smile when I think about it, and if there's silly money to be spent in the future, I hope I spend it on another experience like that, or like this.

Images used with permission from Unique Home Stays.
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