Sunday best: Rose moon

It's the season of Cancerians, so I had to do a Sunday best with those Charlotte Olympia flats. No better weekend, since I've been doing all manner of lovely things, falling easily back into my familiar favourites.

Yesterday, I went to see Before Midnight. It was raining and muggy so it was lovely to retreat to the dark of a theatre. An elderly couple beside me held hands through the entire film, laughing laughs more knowing than my own. I loved the film, as I do the other two in the series.

I'm in this neutral zone where I'm back in Toronto but normal routines have not commenced yet. So I'm only letting in lovely things and listening to the urge of my own wants. It's a nice way to experience Toronto, my neighbourhood, my apartment... free of shoulds. What would life be like if we could live it this way?

Today, I'm going to think about my own birthday resolutions and about those habits that I saw as traps while I was away. I'll make firm decisions to just do certain things, things I'm maybe too shy to even blog about. But also room for the lovely; a favourite book and favourite flowers - all the small things that are part of my little sense of self. Speaking of which, did you know that June's full moon is called the Full Rose Moon?

Happy Sunday!

Products: See by Chloe Suzie Satchel from Shopbop | Clyde tunic dress from Imogene + Willie | Ring stack by Blanca Monros Gomez | Rose Noir by Byredo | Middlemarch by George Elliot | Charlotte Olympia Cancer suede slippers from Net-a-Porter | Ambridge Rose from David Austin Roses
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