Georgian Dublin

I love Dublin's Georgian architecture. There's such beauty in these proportions, in the simplicity and symmetry of Georgian facades. But it's about more than the individual homes; they're often laid out in squares around the loveliest of city parks. And much as I dream about the elegant proportions of Georgian living rooms, I also dream about the street and park life there could have been in these squares. I think that must be the mark of great city planning (modern Dublin architecture does not elicit this inside/outside reaction nearly as much).

When I stayed at The Merrion, I got to see the south side of Merrion Square from behind. It's quite something to see how the flat unity of the front facades is broken at the back. Even excluding the modern additions, there are deviations that would date back to the original build. I find it fascinating to think of Georgian homeowners demanding their quirks be pandered at the back of the house, while falling in line with the shared sensibility at the front.

Of course, not all of Georgian Dublin is beautifully preserved. And sad as some of the ruined grandeur can be, it's nice to look in windows and see interiors being restored. And it's nice to look in other windows and see time itself take hold and see beauty in there can be in decay.

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