It's Canada Day weekend so big yay for Fridays of long weekends! My dreams have still been flitting to Ireland, but I'm starting to feel like I'm back in my normal and happy. And now the sweetness of a forgotten long weekend...

Yesterday evening, it cooled down a little and my first thought was, roses! With my birthday being so blah this week, jet-lagged and work-logged as it was, I felt simply happy to fill my home with blooms for no reason whatsoever other than a slight drop in the mercury.

Doreen published some amazing photographs this week that I highly recommend you check out - they swept me away.

And, based on reading this: "Like Pessoa, Reliquiæ dreams up forgotten landscapes, some real and some fictitious but all vivid and colourful in their poetic recall," I was very excited to order Reliquiæ.

Finally, the latest edition of The South Circular is out. I was on the reading panel for this one, so I can say with all confidence that it's worth checking out!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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