Sunday best: Working Sunday

I was exhausted on Friday and took the entire evening off working, so I'm paying for it today. It means I'll soon be buckling down to get a tonne of work done and e-mails written.

To be honest, I had a whole other Sunday best in mind, a gorgeous Helmut Lang dress with Lanvin flats. But it seemed so ridiculously far from the reality of my day that I couldn't bring myself to use it.

Still, favourite jeans and sweatshirts hold a special place in my heart too. Perhaps the most special place. And on days like this, when I won't venture farther than the local Starbucks, there's no need for anything more fancy than that. And even if there was, I'd probably wear this anyway.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Inflorescence from Byredo | Current/Elliot The Boyfriend jeans from Net-a-Porter | Dolman Sweater from James Perse | Tory Burch Eddie flats from Shopbop | Eddie Ballet Flats Rebecca Minkoff Endless Love Satchel from Shopbop |


  1. Hello Jane, I love your back-to-simplicity ''Sunday best'' post this week. Sometimes, a Helmut Lang is just not the right thing, however beautiful. I love grey, all shades of it - pun unintended - so this two-toned grey sweater is a very nice choice, indeed! Oh! And that Byredo scent has been trying to seduce me since early spring this year... Luckily, there are websites who offer a wide range of perfumes samples, such as LuckyScent or, so one can actually *try* a fragrance before buying a full bottle. Have nice Sunday, Jane and a woderful new week -Naomi

    1. Thanks Naomi - One of the Byredo scents is my "signature" scent. Thankfully there's a Byredo counter near me so I get to sample their entire range. I've also ordered samples before directly from perfume companies. Much as I present a fragrance here as part of an "outfit", I really do believe scent is such an intensely personal decision and people should always sample fragrance before buying!

  2. Dear Jane,

    Yes, I believe the ''Rose Noir'' is your Byredo signature scent, isn't it?

    And, yes, perfume is *such* a personal, almost intimate choice! I am happy no one ever tried to buy me a perfume as a gift. My friends and family luckily know me well and I get books and loose tea leaves instead!

    I am quite passionate about scents, and I found a very knowledgeable and friendly fragrances lovers community over at the website.

    I am currently layering two scents for this spring/summer season: Jo Malone's Orange Blossom with just a hint of blood orange cologne called ''Eau des bienfaits'', an affordable fragrant option made by Roger and Gallet, France.



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