Romantic greys

I filled my place with colour on the weekend. Coral peonies, lemon and grapefruit-hued roses. Armfuls of lilacs and peonies. Corners of my apartment are alight with verdancy, in others basks a perfect yellow bloom under the glow of a lamp. And though I love all this colour, it's the backdrop of wispy greys and soft neutrals that feels more me.

I watched I Am Love on Friday night. So beautiful. Tilda's Swinton's character wears all kinds of colours, flaming reds and vibrant corals. And her character inhabits a world of cold and wealthy greys, a Milan subdued and sorrowful. Maybe I'm the opposite, muted in a world of colour. I don't know what that really means though. These opposites don't go anywhere. Yet, I know I stand a little apart, a little aloof, seeking mist and shadow, which seems nonetheless beautiful to me.

Image credits: Valentino | Horses Atelier | Fieldguided - Anabela's pictures from the MET | Saipua | Eliza Faulkner | Candela
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