I'm three people at work for the next three weeks, so I really had to strain to remember my nice thing from each day this week. But they were there, like treasures hidden in forgotten pockets. I was grateful to make myself find them again.

For the same reason, I'm so very behind on my reader, but I did spot this over on TNQ's wonderful beauty blogosophere post. In the late 1980's and early 90's when I first was dabbling in lotions and potions, animal testing was a big issue. We'd get mad at our mums over it and demand to be taken to the Body Shop for our animal-friendly vitamin-E soap and white musk perfume. I can't say I'm massively surprised that a company (any company) would either adopt or abandon ethics when dollar signs dance, but this story still smarts.

While I'm on ethics and shopping, I'm feel very knotted about fashion lately. We all want the high-low mix. We also cultivate a love for beautifully, locally, ethically made brands. Most of us also support such brands and purchases by making compromises elsewhere. We save and splurge. We believe in treating ourselves, but also in consuming less. We promote constant lust on our blogs but we worry most about our own financial security. We worry about being seen as promoting inaccessible things but wonder about the real cost of what seems too affordable. We cry over Bangladesh factory collapses, but then cheer about Phillip Lim at Target.

This push-and-pull has been really pushing and pulling me lately. The Target collabs really put me off those designers, to be honest. But just because I don't touch those examples, doesn't mean I only ever the right decisions. And, of course, it's more and more (via) difficult to make the right choices, to know what you're really buying, to trust a brand no matter how much of a lovebrand you feel it is. But of course, we're not meant to solve these things and move smugly on. We're supposed to live with these dilemmas and engage with them and feel the burden of choice.

Two things I did recently contribute to that I'm proud of: Socrates and His Clouds, a play written by my dear friend, Bill. The image of Wittgenstein above is by Sean Lingwood and part of their Kickstarter campaign. Also, Miel Retreat Scholarships, a project by √Čireann, who does so much to support writing and writers. I've also signed on to be a reader for The South Circular, a quarterly journal of short stories that I admire very much. I do hope you'll check it out - each issue blows my mind a little more.

Happy weekend!
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