An early Friday post this week: I'm off to the Rockies this afternoon for a few days of mountain air and scenery. Unusually, I think their Alberta's spring is further along than Ontario's so I might even take off my coat!

It's good timing for a little internet break. I usually try to restrict my internet use at certain times of day when I want to write and read. And by restrict, I mean completely swear off. I believe firmly that it's better to start the day creating content rather than consuming it. I don't log into Twitter or my reader or my e-mail even until later in the morning (considering I get up very early by most people's standards, I really don't miss much).

I'm wary of that urge to actively look for things to tweet (or to Instagram, when I had Instagram), rather than allowing that to happen organically. And because I'm the kind of person who, once she sets up these accounts, wants to maintain and grow them, it's better for me to really pick where I want to be and be there wholly.

This is not a "I'm going to quit my blog and Twitter" post. It's more about the kind of psychological hangover I get from these things, how they change my disposition, even perception. I look for ways of fulfilling them. My attention becomes more flickering. My story-telling contracts. Sometimes this is good... maybe blogging and Twitter have made me a better Flash fiction writer. But I would hate to be limited to that ontology for those reasons.

In the last few weeks I've been harried during my days, so my discipline has slipped away. I find myself reaching for the tasty morsels of online content rather than creating the space to read and write. I need a reset. The mountains will be my reset.

Also rereading this (a favourite) and this. And, no, the contradiction of linking to something else online is not lost on me. Like I said, I'm not being all hyperbolic about evils of online or quitting. Just reclaiming my own space too.

Have a great weekend! I'll be back next week, like so many Heidis coming down from so many mountaintops.
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