Sunday best: Navy and nude

It's been hard to find those little pockets in the days when I'm not panicked by what I ought to be doing. I've got decisions to make, but I can't seem to find the right space to know which way is up, to trust myself.

When my days are like this, I lean right into the nicer things. I read a mix of poetry and fashion magazines. I make all kind of lists; clothes to buy, books to read. I mark up recipes to try in cookbooks. I plan new furniture I might buy. I decide I'm going to start wearing more navy and nude.

Next weekend, I'm going away to the mountains and I can't wait to look up at those familiar peaks and revisit a city I once called home. And I'm just clinging on in the meantime, hoping it all comes clear in thinner air.

And just this: A simple pleasure.

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