I'm trying something new for Fridays; a little visual highlight of my week. My days lately have felt so desk-strapped and dreary, this prolonged winter knocking the spring out of my step. At the same time, I do make an effort every day to find something lovely, even if it's small, to savour a moment before bed or in the very early morning when the weather always seems more promising. I want to celebrate that here.

I also enjoyed Rita Konig's already much-reblogged apartment over on The Selby and all this spring silk over on The Wardens. It was a new moon on Wednesday… it knocked me for six and then I felt so much better on Thursday.

This caught my attention:
"Self-degradation sustains the adjunct economy, and we see echoes of it in journalism, policy and other fields in which unpaid or underpaid labour is increasingly the norm. It is easy to make people work for less than they are worth when they are conditioned to feel worthless." - Thomas A Benton

And this did too:
"’s when you need to write yourself out of a pile of shit that the interesting stuff happens." - Edan Lepucki

In the last few months my life has changed; the people in it have changed. It's changed me. I've been thinking about the effect some people have on me. I don't often think like this — I usually consider myself a sort of island, aloof and impenetrable. I have so many defences against aggressive invasions, but I'm susceptible to those who creep insidiously in. I get fooled into thinking they're welcome, into thinking they're friends. And then I'm surprised when they're gone, that I feel released.

So, busy and cold as it's been, I've been drawing a deep breath and letting some things go.

Happy weekend!

Image links: Vita Fede | Astier de Villante | The Gentlewoman
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