Sunday best: Springing forward

Yesterday was the first day of spring here and the city knew it. I went to the grocery store and the flower market and when I got home, I hadn't had enough and went back out, browsing down another street and looking for something to treat myself to. I went into Farrow & Ball and picked up some paint samples, including this Porphyry Pink, which I fancy though I'm not sure for where.

Back home, I razed my apartment and spring-cleaned top to bottom. Those new drapes were finally hung and windows were cleaned too. My sun-dried desk was given a long indulgent drink of oil (I left overnight - it's still thirsty) and my bathroom got a new shower curtain too. In every room, I changed enough that it feels different and noticeable when I walk into them.

Today, I'll repot plants and do some writing. Late in the evening, just when Sunday is beginning to wear out, friends will come over and food will be made. We'll notice how it's still light and it will feel like the first gathering of spring and summer evenings, with music through open windows and the chime of glasses.

Happy Sunday!

Products: World of Interiors | Straight Leg Jeans from Toast | Sheer Panel Jumper from COS | Satin Lip Pencil from NARS | Jeanine Payer Tulle Moonscape Necklace from Twist | Porphyry Pink from Farrow & Ball | Military Plimsoll from Margaret Howell
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