I've wanted a leather armchair for a long time, but have never been able to land on the right one. While the worn library armchair appeals, I'm not sure about that heft in my apartment. Over the weekend, I saw this one at Ochre and thought it perfection (though likely unaffordable). But at least now I have an image in mind.

There's a muted streak running through the things I like now. An earthiness perhaps at odds with Spring's pastels and brights. But really, here in Canada, spring is a slow and muted thing. The snow melts leaving grass drained of colour and there's a time when the light serves only to highlight how bleached by snow and salt our world has been. The sense of growth is there, but buried in the soil and in the limbs of trees, hidden from our eyes.

But, more than that, I think I'll always come back to muted shades, to natural things in their gentler states. And all of this looks lovely to me now.

Image credits: 1. Workstead | 2. Ochre and Workstead | 3. The Sartorialist | 4. Ochre and Jamie Evrard at Bau-Xi | 5. Workstead
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