Kupittaan Kulta "Hila" pendant

For me, jewelry is nearly always an impulse purchase and I wouldn't have it any other way. Reason and planning have their place in many kinds of purchases, but where jewelry is concerned, heart leads head and I leave all the reconciling for later. Funnily, regret nearly never follows such purchases.

Hopea is a store I've stalked stealthily for a long time. I knew I would purchase something from them eventually; each piece is truly special. It was just a matter of waiting for something to call my name. When I saw this Kupittaan Kulta "Hila" pendant, I was smitten. It's a bit of an optical illusion, not making sense at all from certain angles and then perfectly ordered and minimal from others.

I thought I would be able to reason its construction when I unpackaged and held it in my hands this evening, but no amount of turning over, of looking at closely seems to unwrap its riddle. I'm not the kind to press to hard on mysteries. I'd rather leave it unfathomable and love it for that.

P.S. I must thank Juli from Kitka and Mjölk for originally referring me to Hopea, and also Cosima for her wonderful customer service. And, no, skeptical ones, this is not a sponsored post (how it saddens me that this needs to be stated every time I share something I buy!)
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