It's been a rough work week, but every morning and evening I've found myself noticing, in the moment, the stretching of days and of light. I don't bother to turn all my lamps on these mornings when I'm getting ready. And, when I'm walking home in the evening, the sun is setting at the west end of St Clair and I walk into it, like some cowboy, looking at its glowing cast on the melting snow.

There's change in the air too and hopefully some for me too. I can feel it rustling in the ground and hear it in the honk of newly-arrived geese. This morning, I lay in bed for a few minutes feeling what was different, and it was birdsong.

I find myself wanting to decorate more than anything right now. I've been looking at sample cards thinking of bold colours for my kitchen. And because I didn't do it last weekend, I might hang up those new drapes this weekend and fill my place with flowers and fuss over some little arrangements until I get them just so.

Stephanie posted a wallpaper company I'm in now love with (via Katy) and a couple of weeks ago Remodelista shared these Anna Atkins-inspired tiles. I thought this detail quite lovely too.

I've written and deleted my next paragraph three times. I'm going to take that as a sign that I'm not ready to say what I was starting to say, which was something vaguely about wanting to get a grip on myself and my life right now. Maybe it's time to do something brave.

Have a good weekend, friends!


  1. the wallpaper is gorgeous, but i'm hesitant to commit because it means stripping my paint-covered ancient wallpaper, and just the thought of it makes me queasy.

    my cats definitely notice the birdsong. they sit on the windowsill now, but they haven't started chattering yet. that's my favorite part of spring.

    happy weekend, jane!

    1. Oh, stripping ancient walls is one of those jobs I would absolutely relish!! The only thing that holds me back from papering is the whole renter thing vs. cost. But I wish I'd done it since I've lived in my place so long now it wouldn't have mattered!

  2. There is some change in the air.

    I can't put my finger on what it is, for me, but I can feel it. (Coincidentally, I am also itching to make a major change in my apartment... a new couch has been marked and funds put aside.)

    I can control the apartment change, but I can't control the other change even though I can feel it coming. Feels a little unwieldy. No idea if that makes sense, but that's how it feels.

    Happy that it's Friday!!

    1. Oh! A new couch is on my wishlist too (I LOVE the Liam from MG&BW) - would love to know what you settled on!!

      The other changes do feel unwieldy... I think that might be why I'm obsessing over decor right now, it's within my grasp when so much else isn't.

  3. I feel it coming, too. It's starting to be semi-light out when I get home from work! And in the afternoons, though it's objectively still cold, the light looks different, somehow. The sun is able to warm me despite the wind.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend, Jane.

  5. Hello Jane,

    I've started feeling Spring in my veins, too. Got really excited about it and undertook some creative activities (described in my latest blog post). Been itching to repaint in a bold color too.. esp. a small wall (as in my entryway)... Fuschia pink maybe. And that Marthe Armitage's wallpaper is absolutely amazing!

    Some things are best left untold...

    Wishing you a great weekend,


    1. Thanks Naomi - hope you had a lovely weekend! xx


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