Just a brief hello and have a good weekend! My week has been a whirligig of minor frustrations and I can't wait to get off.

I'm happy it's March 1st, though. Flying in the face of Hume's problem of induction, I'm going to boldly assert that all the snow will soon melt. And that the days will continue to get longer. There'll be a day when I notice the first shoots of green and I'll want to make a fuss about them, but end up photographing mostly earth.

And this weekend I'll take myself to the flower market to capture some of that and bring it inside. I may buy some new plants, even hang the drapes I bought at Christmas but have been saving for the seasons to shift. Little things have been accomplished too; a much-needed computer upgrade and, last week, a long-overdue portfolio update.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
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