Inspiring women: Marianna Kennedy

Years ago, I blogged about an artist's studio and home without any idea who the artist was. I had come across the images on the portfolio of Annie Schlechter and the space captured my imagination. As did the glimpses of the creations within.

I learned about Marianna Kennedy's creations through Ben Pentreath. His homes and shop feature her lamps and I've long admired the burst of colour they bring. Mr Pentreath has a genius touch and pulls of combinations of eras and juxtapositions of formality and fun in a manner that astounds and inspires me directly.

And it was only through examining what he does that I came full circle and found the source of my original admiration. Even lovelier, I also came to learn that Marianna Kennedy is, in fact, a Canadian who attended art school in Ireland before settling in Spitalfields, London. And, of course, those shared connections deepened my own interest and admiration for her pieces.

I love and covet her lamps - indeed one is on my ultimate wishlist. But, I really love her mirrors. I wrote a blog  post about mirrors and imperfect reflections here. And when people come over to my place it becomes apparent fast that I am fascinated with anything that bends, reflects, refracts, distorts, occludes light. Her mirrors do all that. For me, they're like a fairytale and a history lesson entwined and are true works of art.

More links: A visit with Marianna Kennedy on Remodelista
World of Interiors article about Marianna Kennedy by Jeanette Winterson and here.

Official site here.

Image credits: Portrait of Marianna Kennedy by Lucinda Douglas Menzies, via Spitalfields Life | Mirror from Galerie Chastel-Marechal | Set of four images of her workshop by Annie Schlechter | Interior by Marianna Kennedy


  1. I visited her site, and agree - the lamps are stunning (I love them all!) - but the mirrors are especially captivating. My favorites are the ones you've included in the last photo here. Beautiful!

    1. So beautiful. I love the black glass one up top. I've been dreaming about it all week!

  2. I've always disliked looking at myself in a mirror, but I think perhaps one of hers might reconcile me with them...

    1. I love how her glass is coloured and distorted... especially the black glass in the first image, but also the ones with soft blush glass too. I might not mind seeing a rose-tinted Jane so much!!

  3. Gorgeous pieces! I especially love the top right.


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